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The Sovraintendenza Comunale ai Beni Culturali di Roma (City Department for Cultural Heritage) formally entrusted the incentive winners MKT121 srl (Markonet Group), to lead the restoration project of the Stadium of Domitian area and to manage the organization of activities and events held there.

MKT121 have the undertaking to manage the activities and events, and the duty to plan, finance and carry out the restoration works calling on the collaboration of the Partner Companies.

The archaeological area had never been open to the public consistently, it was in a state of disrepair and abandon; it represents and testifies a fruitful collaboration, both public and private; it is a great endeavour, unique for its kind in Rome that can be utilized for art exhibitions, social events, cultural rapports and conferences. In addition to the guided tours, information panels and videos will take visitors on a journey to discover the history of the Stadium and ancient Roman sport as well as some of the most important monuments of Rome.

Attività di gestione: MKT121 srl - Piazza Navona 45, 00186 - Roma - P.iva 09993821009