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 In the present context of worldwide crisis (which perhaps should not be considered as a real crisis, but more like an economic and social paradigm shift), the enhancement of the artistic and cultural heritage is one of the strong points for Italy’s revival. Italy, which has the highest concentration of artistic and cultural heritage in the world, acknowledges Rome as the capital of artistic and cultural heritage of Italy.
The beauty of the landscape, the varied nature and mild climate have influenced the artistic taste and creativity, making us so special to the world’s eyes.
Nevertheless, even in culture and art, we are experiencing a decline which seems endless.
What Rome requires, in particular, is a wider range of places where people can meet and start new kinds of relationships, not only for pure entertainment, but that can intercept and integrate different “cultural kitchens”, in order to open to a new range of creative influences.
In practice, we need to boost the discovery and growth of new creative talents and artistic productions, in order to be able to meet the growing demand of art and culture in different ways. Art and culture that improve the quality of life, promote the exchange of stories and experiences that go beyond social and political barriers, able to generate “clean energy” for social evolution and development. The site of the Stadium of Domitian proposes a maieutic approach, with the aim of discovering new original ways of social transformation and development.

It aimes to promote actions focused on the simplification and facilitation of multidisciplinary creative production, to be offered to those who want to produce art and culture without having to face too many troubles and bureaucratic obstacles. An incubator and accelerator of art and culture .
The role of the private sector, such as investors, sponsors, patrons, collectors, should find here the ideal place for new economic opportunities and become an active part of the development of an area forgotten by the business world. The aim is to encourage a renaissance of the capital, through art and culture, by offering a clear goal and a precise program of the selected interventions. 

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