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The archaeological site of the Stadium of Domitian, in Piazza Navona, after a long and laborious recovery, was opened to the public for the first time in January 2014 and hosts over 50,000 visitors each year.


  • visit the underground levels of Piazza Navona, first ope­ned to the public in 2014;
  • descend 5 metres beneath street level into the excava­tions, at the time of the Roman Empire;
  • admire the ancient ruins of the first and only masonry stadium in Roman history;
  • learn more about the history of the Stadium/Piazza Na­vona/ancient Roman sports.


A testimony of the first and only masonry stadium ever built in ancient Rome, the ruins of the Stadium of Domitian (Une­sco World Heritage Site) lie about 5 metres beneath street level in Piazza Navona. A rich selection of unpublished pho­tos, 3-Dimensional reconstructions, videos and informative panels introduce visitors to the millenial history of the Sta­dium, its development into the current square and the evolu­tion of ancient Roman sports.

Attività di gestione: MKT121 srl - Piazza Navona 45, 00186 - Roma - P.iva 09993821009